To Protect and Serve? the Indian Colonial Police: 1861-1932

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Summer 2016


Following the Munity of 1857 to independence in 1947, no single colonial institution was more essential for British rule than the Indian Colonial Police. Through this organization, challenges to the colonial regime were met; this institution also interacted most frequently with the indigenous population in India. Consequently, the colonial police of India represents a prism through which the rest of British colonial rule can be holistically understood. Reforms introduced to this police structure suggest that this imperial institution required accommodation to handle precise colonial law enforcement needs as the tide of indigenous nationalism, starting in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries, threatened to disrupt Britain’s foreign domination. Reforms, therefore, did not occur in a vacuum, but rather were introduced by the British in response to very precise conditions and imperial imperatives.


William F Kuracina

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Arts and Humanities | History