Embodying la Resistencia: Activist Praxis in Latinx Children's and Young Adult Literature

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


Literature and Languages

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Fall 2018


While activism and social justice are experiencing increased visibility due, in part, to recent, divisive political events, their presence in Latinx children's and young adult literature demonstrates that resistance has long been a key factor for minoritized populations. In looking to both historical and contemporary fiction for young readers, this project examines how Latinx youth mobilize resistance and affect change. Through depictions of historical events, such as political revolutions and civil rights movements and more contemporary advocacy against issues like deportation and gentrification, I argue that Latinx children's and young adult literature utilizes the rhetoric of young, Latinx bodies to position its protagonists as visible markers of change.


Susan Stewart

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Arts and Humanities | Latin American Languages and Societies