Inferring the Symmetry Energy from Measurements of Isovector Nuclear Properties: The Effects of Skyrme Parameter Fitting


Michael Ross

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)


Physics and Astronomy

Date of Award

Summer 2022


Historically, when Skyrme model parameters fit to nuclear data have been adjusted, usually the parameters that determine the symmetry energy were changed and the rest were left alone. Since all Skyrme parameters are fit to nuclear data, the quality of the symmetry energy inference decreases when not all parameters are refit after adjustment. We show the result of inferring the magnitude J, slope L, and curvature Ksym of the symmetry energy from electric dipole polarizability αD, neutron skin thickness rn, charge radius rch, binding energy BE, and PNM constraints and how using different sets of the aforementioned data affects the symmetry energy parameter inference. We demonstrate that the posterior distributions produced after incorporating modeling errors (without refitting) into data sets are qualitatively similar to posterior distributions using refit data, saving time at the cost of tighter constraints. We also demonstrate the effectiveness of the simulated annealing method from which one can expect an order of magnitude reduction in χ2.


William Newton

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics