Welcome to faculty research publications for the College of Education and Human Services. The materials collected here represent selected scholarly and creative works of the college's faculty.

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Submissions from 2023


Beyond Reading and Writing: Information Literacy in Higher Education for Lifelong Success, Marta A. Mercado-Sierra and Sarah H. Northam

Submissions from 2022


Supporting a Statewide Policy Consideration: Virtual Advancing Educational Leadership Training, Hamada Elfarargy, Beverly J. Irby, Nahed Abdelrahman, Gwendolyn Carol Webb, Angela Abney, Susan Holley, Elsa Villarreal, and Carl Fahrenwald

Submissions from 2021


The Influence of Policy Implementation in the Midwest: How a SSTEM Program Broadens Participation and Enhances Engineering Identity for Community College Students, Sarah L. Rodriguez, Maria L. Espino, Brian D. Le, and Kelly J. Cunniham

Submissions from 2020


Inclusion & Marginalization: How Perceptions of Design Thinking Pedagogy Influence Computer, Electrical, and Software Engineering Identity, Sarah L. Rodriguez, Erin E. Doran, Rachel E. Friedensen, Elizabeth Martínez-Podolsky, and Paul S. Hengesteg

Submissions from 2018


Engineering Identity Development: A Review of Higher Education Literature, Sarah L. Rodriguez, Charles Lu, and Morgan Bartlett


Sense of Belonging in Computing: The Role of Introductory Courses for Women and Underrepresented Minority Students, Linda J. Sax, Jennifer M. Blaney, Kathleen J. Lehman, Sarah L. Rodriguez, Kari L. George, and Christina Zavala

Submissions from 2013


Increasing the Cultural Competence of Assessment Professionals via Online Training, Jennifer L. Schroeder, Maximino Plata, Harry Fullwood, Melanie Price, and Jennifer Dyer

Assessment of Individual Skills and Progress, Jill K. Schurr and Jennifer L. Schroeder

Submissions from 2011


School Personnel Knowledge of Autism: A Pilot Study, Kashunda L. Williams, Jennifer L. Schroeder, Catharine Carvalho, and Amanda Cervantes