The Locust was first published at East Texas Normal College in 1920. It captured various aspects of student life and academics, such as athletics, social clubs, and campus events and traditions. It was published continuously through 1943. After one year without a publication, the 1945 volume was titled The Lion. The title reverted to The Locust in 1947, after another year where no volume was produced, and publication continued through 1977. Publication resumed under the title Scepter for the 1983 edition, before returning to The Locust for 1984 and the final volume in 1985.

Statement on Potentially Harmful Material

Libraries and archives collect materials that are reflections of the time periods and societies in which they were originally created. As a result, some of the materials in our holdings may contain content that is considered racist, sexist, misogynistic, homophobic, xenophobic, biased, violent, or otherwise offensive.

Texas A&M University-Commerce and Velma K. Waters Library do not endorse the views expressed in any such material. The items are preserved and presented for educational and research purposes, and as an effort to present a complete view of historical record.


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