Indoctrinating Youth: Nationalism in Hitler Youth Literature

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Master of Science (MS)



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Summer 2012


Within the realm of nationalism, cultural materials and values are used to forward the arguments; however, youth literature is mostly overlooked. This thesis intends to discuss nationalism of Germany through the use of Hitler Youth literature and the Grimm Brothers fairy and folktales. Hitler utilized the folk and fairytales to connect the Hitler Youth program to their glorious past instilling obedience, superiority, violence, and anti-foreign sentiment in those participating in the program. The purpose of this study in literature is to delve into and illumine the themes of nationalism that reinforced those concepts of superiority of Germans over others, their obedience to their savior, Hitler, and the willingness of the youth to take up arms for Germany. A narrowed view of study regarding the youth literature can broaden the understanding of German nationalism that occurred under the Third Reich.


Sharon Kowalsky

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Arts and Humanities | History