An Examination of How Private Christian Schools Deliver Instruction to Students with Learning Disabilities

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Fall 2015


The purpose of the study was to determine which research-based strategies private Christian schools implement for students with learning disabilities and determine the perceived benefits and limitations of the strategies employed. To address the purpose of this study, the researcher administered two surveys. One survey was sent to the identified private school teachers and another survey was sent to the identified private school administrators. The results of this qualitative study revealed themes related to strategies used in the classroom and teachers’ and administrators’ perceptions of the effectiveness of those strategies. The results also revealed how often the research-based strategies were used. The open-ended questions yielded valuable information on the number of students enrolled in the selected schools, the number of students with learning disabilities, how students were identified as having a learning disability, and how long the selected schools had the programs in place for these students. The results also included teachers’ and administrators’ perspectives on the perceived benefits and limitations of the programs. Finally, the researcher obtained information on how long teachers and administrators had been in the field of education and where schools were located.


Melissa Arrambide

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Education | Special Education and Teaching