The Influence of Principal Behavior on Faculty Trust and Organizational Climate as Perceived by Elementary Teachers

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Fall 2015


The researcher aimed to better understand the influence of principal behavior on the faculty’s trust in the principal, colleagues, and clients (students and parents), as well as on collegial teacher behavior. This study was organized around investigating the idea that the principal influences faculty trust and the school climate, as the teacher perceives them. This research will further the body of research regarding the perception of elementary teachers on principal influence. Two surveys were given to participants in order to collect data. The OCDQ- RE (The Organizational Climate Description-Rutgers Elementary) assessed the important characteristics of teacher-teacher and teacher-principal relations in schools and the Faculty Trust Measure assessed the degree of trust in schools. The data were analyzed using multiple regression. The findings included a strong relationship between the perceived behavior of the principal and the feelings of the teachers, also this perceived behavior was found to influence the organizational climate of a school.


Sherri R. Colby

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Education | Educational Leadership