Relativistic Corrections in Heavy Ion Elastic Scattering

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Master of Science (MS)



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Summer 2017


Relativistic effects of heavy ion scattering were investigated at intermediate collision energies, at or above about 50 MeV/n. Two methods for evaluating these effects were compared for their validity. The first method involves a full account of the retardation of the Coulomb potential by solution of the covariant equations of motion for charged particles. The second method involved the expansion of the effective Lagrangian, including the electromagnetic Darwin Lagrangian, in orders of (v/c). This study allowed for the determination of the degree of involvement of effects such as relativistic magnetic interactions, kinematic corrections, and relativistic mass increase in the motion of the heavy charge particles. It was shown that the numeric solutions of the coupled differential equations presented were not necessary as the analytic formulations sufficiently describe all of the scattering parameters needed for nuclear experimentation.


Carlos A Bertulani

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics