Dual-credit Students’ Perceptions of Utilizing Learning Accommodations

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Higher Education Leadership

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Spring 2022


Higher education and K–12 institutions have seen an increase in dual-credit participation for students with learning challenges. Given the rapid growth in the dual-credit programs and increasing numbers of students entering higher education institutions with learning challenges, more research was needed to support students in dual-credit programs across the state and country. Further, research was also needed for stakeholders within the K–12 and higher education institutions to provide awareness for future dual-credit students with learning challenges. After reviewing the literature, the researcher found a gap regarding dual-credit students’ perceptions of utilizing learning accommodations. The purpose of this case study was to explore the perceptions of high school dual-credit students who utilized learning accommodations, such as testing accommodation, note-taking, sign language interpreters, and assistive technology in their dual-credit courses. Additionally, the research improved understanding of the benefits and motivation for dual-credit students utilizing learning accommodations and provided awareness for future dual-credit students with learning challenges, as well as K–12 and higher education institutions.


Tony Lee

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Education | Educational Leadership | Higher Education