College Student Reflections: Influence of Emotional Intelligence and the Freshman Year

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Summer 2015


The purpose of this phenomenological study was to explore the lived experiences of college students who had completed their first year with a focus on their emotional intelligence (EI) skills. This study sought to explore the nature of EI with a focus on the interpersonal experiences of college students who did not live with their parents, but who lived on their college campuses or had other living arrangements away from home. The researcher aimed to identify the meanings ascribed to students??? salient experiences during their first year of college. The researcher employed a purposeful nonprobability sampling method to recruit study participants, which allowed her to choose an appropriate sample population. The data collection included demographics and semi-structured interviews to gather information on participants??? first-year college experiences. Responses from all data collection forms were transcribed, sorted, analyzed, and coded for emerging themes. Skills identified by students yielded eight themes, discipline/responsible, time management, self-realization, social skills, goal setting/achievement, motivation, stress management, and focus/commitment. Emotional intelligence skills yielded nine themes, assertion, commitment ethics, decision-making, drive strength, motivation, self-awareness, stress management, time management, and social skills.


Madeline Justice

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Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Higher Education