Selecting Successful Peer Financial Education Counselors

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Spring 2015


While more students are enrolling in and graduating from colleges and universities, they are doing so with significant amounts of debt and a general lack of knowledge regarding personal financial management. To address this issue, universities have begun implementing financial education programs to increase financial literacy. These student-led programs offer services such as class presentations, e-mail answers to student questions, and one-on-one peer counseling. Students who contribute to these programs carry different titles, including financial counselor, financial coach, peer financial planner, and peer financial counselor. The researcher applied an online Delphi method to examine financial education programs and to identify best practices in selecting peer financial counselors. The Delphi panel included 34 expert directors of established college and university financial education programs, and participation was voluntary. The researcher used a survey to collect a composite list for the instrument, which was followed by three rounds of ratings using Likert scales.


Jon Travis

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Curriculum and Instruction | Education | Higher Education