The Coordination of Western Typefaces with Chinese Typefaces in Chinese Logo Design


Yinan Wang

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



Date of Award

Summer 2014


With the emergence and growth of international markets, more and more Chinese logos are designed for global audiences. Chinese businesses use logos with both Chinese and Western typefaces to present themselves as international. However, according to a survey of 150 Chinese graphic designers and graphic design instructors, 86.71 percent of them do not have the opportunity to study or work with Western typography in college. A review of Chinese logo designs using bilingual typography reveals that many of them do not exhibit harmonious consistency due to an ineffective mix of Western and Chinese typography. Based on the investigation of typographic design in both China and the West, the researcher introduced the tenets of Western typography to Chinese graphic designers and graphic design instructors. Furthermore, the researcher explored how to coordinate Western typefaces with Chinese characters and logo images effectively in order to communicate the purpose and character of Chinese brands to non-Chinese audiences. With this teaching tool, the researcher hoped to empower Chinese logo designers to make more effective Western typeface choices for today's market.


Virgil Scott

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Art and Design | Arts and Humanities