Porphyrin-Proline Hybrids: Hosts for Chiral Guest Recognition


Lakshmi Koya

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Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Date of Award

Fall 2011


The aim of this project is to develop chiral porphyrin compounds that can serve as synthetic receptors for the selective binding of chiral anions and chiral amines. The main approach to our objective of developing chiral porphyrin compounds will be the attachment of proline derivatives to one of the meso positions of tetraphenylporphyrin. The hosts are designed to complement the shape, size, charge and binding motifs of the target guests. Target guests will include chiral carboxylate containing species, mandelate anion, Ibuprofen conjugate base, amino acid derivatives. We will also target chiral amines such as ephedrine and nicotine. The goals of this project will be accomplished by investigating the following hypothesis: Selective receptors for chiral guests can be developed by rational host design. To achieve selective chiral recognition, the host should be designed in such as way that the guest recognition elements are pre-positioned in a manner that precisely complements the asymmetric shape, the functionality, the size and the charge of the guest.


Stephen D. Starnes

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Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics