Impact of 7BE Destruction Channels in Big Bang Nucleosynthesis's Lithium Puzzle

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Master of Science (MS)


Physics and Astronomy

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Spring 2018


The Big Bang Nucleosynthesis (BBN) model predicted that the abundances of thelithium isotopes should be a factor of two or three times larger than what has been observedin the universe. A common response to this discrepancy is the assumption that certain nuclearreaction cross sections that deal with the creation or destruction of lithium isotopeswithin the current BBN model are incorrect, which caused theoretical calculations to provideincorrect abundances of lithium. This work investigated the eect that the primordialnuclear fusion reaction 7Be(; ) 11C had on BBN calculations in regards to the resultantabundances of lithium once theoretical calculations were completed. This research examinedthe possibility of a magnied cross section for the 7Be(; ) 11C reaction by utilizing thepotential model as well as the Breit-Wigner method. The nuclear reaction cross sections thatwere obtained by these methods were later used within the BBN model in order to computethe nal calculations that provided the results discussed in this paper.


Carlos A. Bertulani

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Physical Sciences and Mathematics | Physics