For Our Profit and Learning': the Literacy Practices of Mormon Missionaries

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


Literature and Languages

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Fall 2011


This study examines the literacy practices of Mormon missionaries and articulates the way in which these practices are then incorporated into the literacy practices outside of missionary work. This study also seeks to situate the study of the literacy practices and sponsorship of Mormon missionaries within the broader field of Literacy Studies, arguing that a study of Mormon missionary literacy practices will not only complement current studies, but can also enhance understanding of the role that institutions like religion play in literacy sponsorship. This study focuses on the missionary training guide, Preach My Gospel, but will also incorporate other texts that are described or are related to the literacy events described in Preach My Gospel. This study is textual in nature but will also incorporate personal experience as a means of setting the study in context. As the primary text for training missionaries, Preach My Gospel is an effective artifact to study the literacy practices of missionaries. This study argues that Missionary literacy practices are worth attention outside the Church because they can transfer to situations and contexts outside of the Missionary context, especially pedagogical contexts.


Donna Dunbar-Odom

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Arts and Humanities