Hispanic Student Graduation Rate in College Ready English Language Arts and Mathematics in Texas's Lower Rio Grande Valley

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Fall 2018


Universities across the state are spending valuable resources to remediate students who are not college ready. College students take remedial courses to demonstrate that they can be successful in their educational endeavors after high school. The classes, however, are often non-credit awarding courses, costing both the student money to take the course as well as the university to offer the course, not to mention the time and energy costs. If a method existed by which college students and universities could save these valuable resources, it should be examined closely. One possible solution for the academically unprepared student problem is to study high school graduation rates in college ready English language arts and college ready mathematics courses across schools that use different bell scheduling systems. High schools across the state use one of two scheduling methods: traditional and block. Several studies have shown that neither traditional or block scheduling improves students' academic success. By focusing on the college ready graduation rates in the areas of English language arts and mathematics, it may be possible to identify a preferable scheduling method that will yield students who are more college ready, thereby lessening the burden on college-bound students and universities alike. In this study, three Rio Grande Valley high schools with extensive Hispanic student demographics will be examined using statistics from the state's standardized testing reported in the Academic Excellence Indicator System (AEIS) or Texas Academic Performance Report (TAPR). Data on Hispanic student graduation rates in the areas of college ready English language arts and college ready mathematics will be compared to identify differences, if they exist, based on the high schools' bell scheduling system--traditional or block.


Ray Thompson

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision