Marketing and Processing Techniques of Small-scale Food Producers in Texas

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Master of Science (MS)


Ag Science and Natural Resources

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Spring 2019


Agriculture production in the in the 21st century is concentrated on large, specialized farms in rural areas as compared to labor intensive, diversified, small farms in the past. The purpose of this study was to analyze processing and marketing techniques used by small-scale, Texas producers. The research design used in this study was survey design, which was focused on a target group of small-scale producers. Data were presented through descriptive statistic from a questionnaire that was focused on the objectives of the study. Conclusions illustrated small-scale farms are not only beneficial for producers and consumers, but also the community and local economy; the majority of the respondents proclaimed they produce field crops, fruits, vegetables, or nursery/greenhouse products; finding niche markets is a key to small-scale production; and one of the biggest factors to the decline in rural communities and small farms is the lack of education of how to produce, process, and market their products to people in their area.


Douglas LaVergne

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Agriculture | Life Sciences