A Comparison of Chinese Relations with Argentina and Peru


song wang

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Master of Science (MS)


Psychology and Special Education

Date of Award

Summer 2021


China has rapidly and tremendously expanded its engagement in the Latin America and the Caribbean (LAC) region in the 21st century, and many scholars have developed distinct literature to explain this phenomenon. In this research, dependency theory was utilized to examine and identify the nature of Chinese relations with Argentina and Peru. After conducting an empirical test, the researcher concluded that both Argentina and Peru have developed center-periphery dependent relationships with China in spite of their different population structures, resource endowments, economical scales and structures, and economic policies. Furthermore, this dependent relationship has generated both positive and negative impacts on Argentina and Peru, which implies that LAC nations should maximize the benefits of their relations with China and avoid risks, such as social inequity and environmental issues in Peru and weakening institutions in Argentina.


Robert G. Rodriguez

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Political Science | Social and Behavioral Sciences