Influential School Leadership: A Descriptive-Embedded Multi-Case Study of Two Principals’ Effort to Promote Academic Resilience in Early College High School

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2021


The purpose of this descriptive-embedded multi-case study was to examine the perceived influence of principal leadership styles on the school environment factors that promote academic resilience. The sites for the study are 2 early-college high schools located in a large, urban school district in Texas. The theoretical frameworks used by the researcher, academic resilience and full-range leadership, helped to shape the research questions and data collection procedures; consequently, these propositions guided data analysis. The researcher used an individual-level logic model to analyze each principal (i.e., each case) separately. The researcher completed cross-case synthesis after the case was reported independently (Yin, 2018). The researcher determined if any within-case patterns existed across the 2 cases and identified whether literal replicative relationships were evident based on data. Based on evidence from the methodological triangulation of interviews, surveys, and direct observations, the researcher determined that characteristics of transformational leadership were exhibited by both cases. However, the degree of transformational leadership exhibited by the principals differed in each case. The researcher also found that the small learning community was a comingled rival explanation for the development of school environment factors that foster resilience of at-risk students.


Nathan Templeton

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision