School Leadership and the Futures of Black Girls: a Narrative inquiry of Middle School administrators' Perspectives on Disproportionate Discipline and Black Girls

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2020


School discipline has been a topic of research for many years—in particular, the disproportionate discipline gap between Black and White boys. The purpose of this narrative inquiry was to understand lived experiences of school administrators who engage with Black girls who are disproportionately disciplined. The researcher will re-story the lived experiences of middle school administrators to capture the essence of the experiences of Black girls. The design allows school administrators to share their stories regarding race, gender, disproportionate discipline, exclusionary discipline, and professional development. The researcher analyzed and reported the findings gathered from one-on-one interviews with middle school administrators. The researcher’s findings may contribute to the limited research on disproportionate discipline of Black girls in middle school and professional opportunities to address this phenomena.


Kriss Kemp-Graham

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision