Central Texas Rural High School Principals' Perceptions of anti-Cyberbullying Policies


Beth Aycock

Document Type


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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

Date of Award

Summer 2020


The purpose of this qualitative narrative inquiry was to explore the perceptions anticyberbullying policies among administrators in rural Texas high schools. The researcher conducted a qualitative study in which administrators from rural public high schools in Texas were selected because of their knowledge as administrators and their experience addressing cyberbullying on their campuses. Participants engaged in semi-structured interviews that allowed them the opportunity to share their personal experiences with cyberbullying policy. A review of the literature included existing literature on the definition of cyberbullying, legal requirements for schools addressing cyberbullying, and efforts to combat cyberbullying in public schools. The researcher focused on the shared experiences of rural high school principals as they navigated legal requirements, community expectations, and strained resources. Principals were able to encapsulate the essence of their experiences through personal stories. The findings resulted in three themes that were cyberbullying as an evolution of traditional bullying, cyberbullying as a cultural phenomenon, and the role of schools in combatting cyberbullying.


Chuck Holt

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision