Generative Poisoning Attacks on Neural Network Models in Autonomous Driving

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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science and Info Sys

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Spring 2021


Poisoning attacks have been described as a grave danger to neural networks, they tend to change the complete meaning of the model and also define how the model interprets the data provided to it. Certain inputs are retrained after which poisoned data can be induced into the model. As the popularity of self-driving cars are growing exponentially, we need to look into every major flaw in the system and have security measures in place for the safety of the passengers. There have been limited studies on progressive poisoning attacks especially when it comes to autonomous driving vehicles. In this work, we first generate the poisoned data and also propose a generative method that will increase the generation of the poisoned data. This method of poisoning helps us determine the extent of inaccuracy and unexpected side effects when the poisoned data is fed to the model.


Omar Elariss

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Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics