Active Safety Driving with Driver's Intention Identification and Behavior Prediction



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Master of Science (MS)


Computer Science and Info Sys

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Spring 2020


Active safety technologies and driving have become increasingly important and being used in our modern life. They can efficiently help drivers prevent and minimize the effects of accidents by interpreting sensor information to perceive the vehicle' s surrounding environment. Sensor information is first processed by vehicles' central embedded system (also called active safety systems) and then used to determine the level of intervention for safe driving.However, most research is focused on either finding optimal methods for fusing and interpreting sensor information without consideration of drivers' continuous attention and behavior, or with improving the configurations of active safety systems with high-cost components such as LIDAR, night-vision cameras, or radar sensor arrays. We find that the effectiveness of active safety technologies and systems is greatly affected by drivers' attention and behaviors. In this thesis, drivers' attention and behaviors are characterized and jointly studied with a novel framework based on Convolutional Neural Networks. The framework is designed for general purposes with off-the-shelf dashboard cameras to assess and predict dangerous behaviors. An identification process is developed to carefully combine driver behaviors, attention, images from the vehicle with corresponding throttle and steering angle. We then identify driver behavior patterns, and construct a machine learning model for image processing and danger assessment. Finally, a model is generated to evaluate the performance of existing and proposed methods with high fidelity before deploying on vehicles in the real world. The stable performance of our framework shows the effectiveness and advantages of driver intention identification and behavior prediction for avoiding fatal collisions and eliminate the probability of potential unsafe driving behavior.


Yuehua Wang

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Computer Sciences | Physical Sciences and Mathematics