Examining the Perceptions of the Campus Positive Intervention and Support (Pbis) Leadership Team and the Participating Classroom Teachers on the Implementation of the Pbis Framework at a Suburban Junior High Campus in North Texas

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2020


The increased focus on school discipline has led school districts to implement alternative methods of discipline and frameworks that not only decrease the number of student discipline referrals and infractions but also aim to improve the school culture and student academics. In this study, the researcher will examine the perceptions of the campus Positive Behavior Intervention and Supports (PBIS) leadership team and the participating classroom teachers on the implementation of the PBIS framework. This study employed a Q methodology to examine the unique views of the participants, as well as a consensus and differences within the group. The data from 36 Q sample items were sorted on a Likert-type scale using a natural bell curve and analyzed using factor analysis. The analysis was conducted to provide the district with valuable information for improving the implementation of PBIS. Results from this study were used to provide the district with valuable information to assist in improving the implementation of PBIS. Results revealed three factors of the implementation of PBIS among the two groups of participants: (a) investment of implementation of the PBIS framework, (b) PBIS buy-in and commitment, and (c) student academics and behavior. The study found that the classroom teachers and PBIS leadership team have similarities, as well, differences of their perceptions when it comes to the implementation of PBIS. Significantly, the findings indicate that the implementation of PBIS has improved student behavior and created a positive culture on campus. While both groups did not agree that zero-tolerance is not used in specific situations, both agreed that student behavior had improved to a degree and that administration support is critical when implementing a framework such as PBIS.


Pam Winn

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision