Increasing State Accountability: An ex post facto Study on the Relationship between Participation in Band and Measures of Student Progress

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Spring 2020


The purpose of this ex post facto study was to determine the significance of the relationship between participation in band and students meeting the progress measure on the State of Texas Assessment of Academic Readiness (STAAR) English II end-of-course assessment. The study was conducted with a population sample from a single high school located in central Texas. Using students who took the STAAR English II end-of-course assessment in the 2018-2019 academic year and who received a progress measure designation, two population samples were identified: students who participated in band and students who did not participate in band. This study used an independent samples t-test to conduct a two-tailed analysis to determine if a significant relationship exists with an effect size of 0.50, α-level of 0.05, and a desired statistical power of .80. Findings indicated there was not a significant relationship in the scores for students enrolled in band (M = 0.50, SD = 0.707) and students not enrolled in band (M = 0.69, SD = 0.549). The probability value was .279, which exceeded the α-level of 0.05; thus the null hypothesis was retained.


Nathan R. Templeton

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision