A Phenomenological Study of Three Generations of African American Families: Understanding the Impact of Their Public School Experiences

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Leadership

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Fall 2012


It is imperative for African Americans to realize the many challenges, legacies, and dreams their forefathers struggled through for personal empowerment. This research study examined cultural and social issues coupled with public educational experiences among African Americans. African American children learn skills and concepts that are relevant to their public school experiences (Street, 1995; Perry, Steele, & Hilliard, 2003; Purcell-Gates, 2000; Heath, 1983). The focus of this research study was on understanding what African American families convey from one generation to the next about their public school experiences (Nieto, 2004). Furthermore, this study looked at the reality experienced by African Americans as they pursued a public school education in the United States from 1954 on through to the present time.


Laura Chris Green

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