Novel Ultrasound Techniques With Starch Based Heterogeneous Acid Catalysts for Biodiesel Synthesis

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Master of Science (MS)



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Summer 2013


Renewable energy research has become of great importance with the turn of the century due to need created by diminishing crude oil sources. Biodiesel has the potential to fill that need. Ultrasound technology has been used to improve biodiesel production in two areas: 1) by replacing the heat component of the reactions that produce biodiesel with low frequency, high power ultrasound and 2) by improving starch-based acid catalysts used in the biodiesel reaction. Ultrasound is used in modifying and improving starch-based catalysts for a reaction, along with pyrolysis techniques. Promising catalysts have been produced and reported in this study using oleic acid esterification with methanol as the probe reaction. Conversion of > 98% has been achieved in less than 20 minutes with the aid of low frequency, high power ultrasound.


Ben Jang

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Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics