A Qualitative Analysis of How One Texas School District Views the Psychological Safety Provided by School Counselors and the Benefits of Providing Virtual Access to Licensed Professional Counselors

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Spring 2023


A problem facing current school counselors is the lack of a licensed professional counselor (LPC) to be readily available for students who need intervention. In order to justify the LPC, counselors must agree to the need of a LPC. Adolescent psychological issues are a concern for school counselors because they are not adequately trained to deal with such issues. Because public school counselors have a number of responsibilities in a school setting it is difficult for counselors to attend to students needing the proper mental health care. Therefore, the purpose of this interpretive qualitative study is to determine whether K–12 school counselors believe a LPC is beneficial in a virtual counseling setting as a part of the school’s guidance counseling program.


Julia Ballenger

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Education | Educational Psychology