Exploring Experiences of Teachers with Implementing Standards-Based Grading Practices in Public Schools: A Narrative Inquiry Qualitative Study


Erin Mayo

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2022


Standards–based grading ensures students are graded consistently and fairly based on mastery of objectives versus non-academic reasons, such as participation, behavior, and effort, but implementation of standards–based grading faces many challenges. This narrative qualitative study explored teachers’ experiences with and stories about implementing standards–based grading in public schools to improve student outcomes. Through the collection of semi–structured, in–depth interviews with teachers, this qualitative study will be reported for the purpose of informing district and campus leaders of teachers’ experiences, perceptions, needs, and possible challenges relating to the use and implementation of standards–based grading. Findings show that the experiences of the four participants can be sorted into three overarching themes: improved student outcomes, planning, and challenges. All four participants are proponents for standards–based grading practices and provided insight for future studies and recommendations for administration and educational leaders.


Ray Thompson

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision