Not in This House: How Perceptions of Masculinity Affect the Marginalization of Same-Gender-Loving Members in Black Greek-Letter Fraternities

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Higher Edu and Learning Technology

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Summer 2022


The research aims to discover marginalization within Black Greek Letter Fraternities(BGLFs) through the lens of duly initiated members who identify as same-gender-loving. The purpose of this study is to explore the perceptions of masculinity among duly initiated BGLF members who are same-gender-loving (SGL). This qualitative study utilizes a phenomenological approach to explore the lived experiences and perceptions of five to ten SGL BGLF members; this study will also provide a versatile and detailed account of the perceptions and experiences of masculinity in BLGFs. Moreover, this study will build on the existing pool of research about BGLFs, hegemonic masculinity, homophobia, and anti-homophobic bias present within these societies giving a chance to allow same-gender-loving members of BGLFs’ voices to be heard.


Dimitra Smith

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Education | Higher Education