Sue Wicks Wright, Oral History

Sue Wicks Wright, Oral History

Sue Wicks Wright
Marcia Lair


This is a video recording of an oral history interview with Sue Wicks Wright. It was conducted October 17, 2019. The interviewer is Marcia Lair. The videographer is Sandy Bond.

This interview focuses on Sue Wick Wright’s memories of life in Cooper, Texas and her family’s dairy farm.

Sue Wick Wright was born in 1944 to Nellie Lucille Brewer and Kenneth Dale “Skinny” Wicks. She grew up on the east end of Cooper, Texas. Her father was in the dairy business, and Wright describes various aspects of operating a dairy and selling dairy products. She also recalls how she learned to quilt, going to the Ranch Rodeos, and attending Cooper High School. For a time, Wright worked at sewing factories in Commerce, Texas and Paris, Texas. Eventually, she began working full time with her husband, Robert Wright, on their farm.


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