Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering

Date of Award

Spring 2023


As the radio-frequency spectrum becomes more crowded, there is a growing need for signal processing technology that can instantaneously interpret an ultra-wideband range of frequencies. Existing conventional systems, however, are not the most efficient solution due to the processing capability limitations of current analog-to-digital converter technology. Specifically, with regard to radars, traditional receivers are required to process large amounts of unused data, wasting time and energy. This project highlights a newer analog-to-information receiver that utilizes compressive sensing which is seeking to overcome these challenges. The innovative technology being evaluated allows users to sample far below the standard Nyquist/Shannon sample rates while still being able to detect and reconstruct the original received signal. The focus of this project is the process of calculating the probability of folding collisions using a custom generated MATLAB simulation, thus allowing for a better understanding and interpretation of the data received by the Nyquist Folding Receiver or other similar signal processing devices.


Gerald Fudge