Thomas Huff

Document Type

Honors Thesis

Degree Name

Bachelor in Biological Studies

Date of Award

Spring 5-3-2013


A study was conducted to evaluate the distribution of urban birds relative to differences in habitat as determined by zoning type. A total of 1,948 individual birds and a total of 33 species were sampled across the four different zones (industrial, commercial, residential, and public use.) The industrial use zone contained the highest number of individuals whereas commercial zones contained the fewest. However, the four zones contained approximately equal species richness.

Industrial zones supported the greatest number of cavity nesting and seed eating species. Residential and public use zones contained greater numbers of insectivorous and cup nesting species. In the commercial zones, a more even composition of species relative to feeding type and nesting type was observed. Structural differences in the environments represented by the four zones likely explains the differences in species utilization of different zone types.

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Ornithology Commons