Spatial Perspective Taking: the Role of Risk

Denise Foster Askew


Participants viewed one of two photographs featuring the initial frame of an action sequence: (a) an actor poised to dip carrots, or (b) the same actor poised to chop carrots with a cleaver. In Study 1, spatial perspective did not vary significantly for the two scenes, F (1, 121) < 1, p >.05. For both, more participants took the actor's perspective. Chopping carrots was not viewed as risky. In Study 2, a risk prime was added before the photographs. Spatial perspective did vary significantly for the two scenes, F (1, 89) = 5.029, P <.05. More participants took the actor's perspective for dipping carrots. However, more participants took a neutral spatial perspective for chopping carrots. The neutral perspective did not require simulating the risk consequences associated with handling that tool.