Perceptions of Private School Proprietors on Identfication of Learning Disabilities in Imo State, Nigeria

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2018


The researcher examined the perceptions of school administrators about the need for, and success of, identification of students with learning disabilities (LDs) in the Imo State’s private schools in Nigeria. Using semi-structured interviews, the researcher identified the beliefs of 8 purposefully selected participants about identifying and providing services for students with LDs, and the challenges facing identification and education of students with LDs in the selected schools. Several themes overlapped across all the interview responses. The data indicated a lack of common understanding of the conception about LD issues among the participants in general and the teachers in their schools. The overarching theme that represented and summarized the participants’ perceptions of the concept of LD was that an LD is physical, cognitive, and intellectual. The participants perceived the need for formal identification of LDs and professional development to accommodate the students with special needs. Several constraints, such as lack of funding from the government, trained personnel, formal identification procedures, resources, deeply situated cultural beliefs, and negative attitudes of the society towards people with LDs, have mitigated against setting up programs to help children with special needs. The participants v expressed frustration for apathy from the government. From the data, the researcher inferred that most of the parents lacked adequate information about special education and were stigmatized due to their disabled children. All the participants believed that identification at an early age, providing services with trained personnel, having enough material resources in the school, and parental support can make these students academically successful.


Art Borgemenke

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision