Porphyrin Biphenyl and Isonipecotic Acid Hybrid Hosts and Their Recognition of Anion Guests


Sandhya Pola

Document Type


Degree Name

Master of Science (MS)



Date of Award

Summer 2017


The Starnes research group aims to develop porphyrin receptors for chiral and non-chiral guests through artificial host synthesis and the study of their host-guest binding properties. This thesis work focused on the synthesis of a variety of receptors and the study of their ability to bind to chiral and non-chiral guests. The project mainly focused on the development of a host for non-chiral guests—the shape selective recognition of anion guests. One host is characterized as a porphyrin-biphenyl hybrid. Two other hosts are characterized as porphyrin-isonipecotic acid hybrids; these three hosts have a pocket to bind guests that sit directly over the metal center. Guests are bound through hydrogen bonding and metal coordination interactions. Recognition studies of these hosts with a variety of non-chiral anions were conducted by ultraviolet/visible titrations, and binding constants, which are reported herein, were determined.


Stephen D Starnes

Subject Categories

Chemistry | Physical Sciences and Mathematics