Responding to the Needs of Linguistically Different Students: Informing the Rio Grande Valley Principalship of Effective Teaching Practices

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Summer 2016


The purpose of this study was to inform the principalship of how teachers’ lived experiences contribute to the academic development of linguistically different students currently enrolled in a Rio Grande Valley secondary school. This study was intended to offer insight into the challenges this student population faces and to understand the factors teachers believe improve academic achievement of the students they serve. The researcher conducted a qualitative study using a narrative inquiry to collect data. The narrative design allowed participants time to offer an account of their lived experiences when working with linguistically different students. Data collected for this narrative inquiry were used to gain a better understanding of educators’ experiences with linguistically different students whose primary language is Spanish and to provide the principalship instructional practices that teachers believed help this population. Results of this study can be used by the principalship to develop teaching strategies that help minimize the achievement gap that exists among student populations and enhance good teaching practices to improve the academic success of all student populations.


Nathan R. Templeton

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision