Comparison of University Preservice Evaluations and First-Year Teacher Evaluations

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Spring 2015


The purpose of this study was to compare and analyze two evaluation tools to determine whether they are cohesive and yield similar results to provide the scaffolding needed to move from preservice to in-service teacher in a positive manner. The researcher analyzed the evaluation tool used at an accredited 4-year university and the Professional Development Appraisal System (PDAS) used by the state of Texas. A group of 26 first-year teachers in the same school district who attended the same university's teacher preparation program was used in this study. This researcher used a non-experimental quantitative design to analyze archival data. Archival data for this study included evaluations completed for preservice teachers during their teacher preparation program and PDAS evaluations completed during their first year of teaching. Chi-square analyses were used to answer the research questions. Results of this study can be used to strengthen the evaluation tool and help the university better prepare preservice teachers. The data showed that more participants were more likely to receive ratings of exceed expectations on the university evaluations and ratings of proficient on the state PDAS. No statistically significant relationship existed between university and PDAS ratings for classroom management, learner-centered instruction, or professionalism.


Susan Szabo

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Curriculum and Instruction | Education