Effects of an Online Student Response System on Rural Fifth Graders' Science Achievement

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Master of Science (MS)


Psychology and Special Education

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Fall 2014


This study investigated the effect of the use of iPads as a Student Response System (SRS) on academic achievement. Using Infuse Learning, a free, online SRS technology, this study aimed to understand if using an iPad in place of traditional hand raising during classroom lectures will improve student achievement and response. The teacher identified five target students who were typically off-task during class and consistently displaying low levels of response during lecture time for data collection. A single subject ABA design was used to evaluate the relationship between the iPad technology and student response and academic achievement. The baseline condition (phase A) was "business as usual" in the classroom. The intervention (Phase B) replaced hand raising with iPad technology equipped with Infuse Learning. The final phase was identical to Phase A. All study procedures were conducted in the participants' classrooms and implemented by their teachers. Data were collected on participation rate, accuracy rate, response time, and percent correct on daily quizzes. Results indicate that while participation rate and accuracy rate increased while using Infuse Learning via iPad technology, the intervention did not have a significant effect on quiz scores. Further, students rated using Infuse Learning favorably, as well as the teacher.


Brittany L. Hott

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Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences