The Testing Effect and Memory of Number Facts

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)


Psychology and Special Education

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Fall 2013


Previous research on the testing effect has provided evidence that testing enhances long-term memory (Agarwal, Karpicke, Kang, McDermott, & Roediger, 2008; McDaniel, Roediger & McDermott, 2007; Roediger & Karpicke, 2006a). Whereas much of this research has been conducted using prose passages, there are some who have studied the effectiveness of testing in more practical, classroom settings (Jensen, Kromann, & Ringsted, 2009; McDaniel et al., 2007). However, research has not yet provided evidence of the benefits of testing in long-term memory retrieval in a math domain. Two studies were conducted to assess whether the testing effect occurred in learning math facts. Experiment 1 assessed the effectiveness of testing in math fact learning, and examined math anxiety as a covariate. Experiment 2 investigated the effectiveness of two levels of retrieval practice, production and verification, in producing a testing effect. Furthermore, Experiment 2 examined participants' ability to make accurate judgments of learning (JOLs).


Lacy Krueger

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Psychology | Social and Behavioral Sciences