Literacy Sponsors of Secondary Students: How Literacy Sponsors Affect Approaches to Composition and College Readiness

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


Literature and Languages

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Fall 2013


This document reports the findings a research study of the various literacy sponsors that impact college readiness for first-year composition students. The study presented includes a survey of students and instructors on perceptions of college readiness and the role of the standardized test, particularly the Texas state writing assessment, in preparing students for college-level writing. While effects of other literacy sponsors are considered, the primary literacy sponsor of focus in this study is the mandated secondary writing assessment in Texas. This research study also looks at the various gaps that have arisen as a possible consequence of mandated state writing assessment. The gaps under consideration include the gap between secondary education and expectations of first-year writing instructors and the gaps that have developed in perceptions of college readiness, in exactly how 'college readiness' is defined.


Bill Bolin

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Arts and Humanities | Rhetoric and Composition