Encouraging Computer Interaction for Older Adults

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Master of Fine Arts (MFA)



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Fall 2013


Many studies indicate that there are numerous benefits for senior adults involved in computer technology. From the cognitive benefits of continuous learning to the creation of a more independent lifestyle by having more information available to them, the value of technology for this group cannot be underestimated. However, this age group is significantly underrepresented in the adoption and use of various information and communication technologies. There are many reasons why these valuable technologies, ranging from mobile phones to computers, are not being adopted. It is the purpose of this study to look at general categories such as software, hardware, environment, and the individuals that encompass the technological interaction experience. The researcher will use a survey instrument as the primary means of data collection to illuminate both the positive and negative aspects of each of those categories that impact the decisions made by this group to interact with technology. At the conclusion of the study, the researcher will show which aspects of the applications are preferred by this group and also what general design modifications and functional aspects are desired to be improved upon.


Mitchell McGarr

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Arts and Humanities