The Impact of Teacher Termination: A Study of Principals' Perspectives

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Fall 2013


School accountability has placed a strong emphasis on student performance and their success, which places a new focus on teacher effectiveness. Research has shown that the teacher in the classroom is the key component to student success. However, administrators are often faced with the reality of ineffective teachers that do not impact student performance in a positive way. The logical resolution would be to terminate those teachers who show continued ineffectiveness, even after attempts of remediation. This is, however, a difficult task. Terminating teachers is a difficult feat. The steps required are enormous and add to the stress and fast-paced life of school administrators. This is challenging for administrators who have others in constant need of their leadership and guidance. This study examined the principals' perspective of the termination process and the challenges they face. The purpose of this study was to examine what factors principals find crucial as reason for termination in the age of accountability. The researcher also investigated how principals view the termination process and the impact it has on their leadership ability. To do this, a phenomenological approach to research was employed so that the research could examine the principals' perceptions through their lived experiences.The results of the study indicated that principals feel any factors that are not in the best interest of students are grounds for termination. This could be instructionally or unethical behaviors. The administrators shared that the overall process of termination is time consuming and difficult, but it can be carried out with appropriate documentation. They believed the true challenge was managing the process while continuing to be an effective instructional leader and maintaining a healthy school climate.


Casey Brown

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision