Employment Experiences in Texas University Charter Schools: Perceptions of Teachersers

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Spring 2018


Texas teachers now have a plethora of options when making employment decisions. School administrators must be knowledgeable of those options and how they differ from one another. There are numerous types of traditional public schools, a large variety of private schools, and a growing number of public charter schools, including university charters in Texas. The researcher designed this study to give school administrators a better understanding of Texas university charter schools, their working environments, and why some teachers choose to work for them in lieu of traditional public, private, or other public charter school options. A narrative inquiry approach was used to describe teachers' experiences working for a Texas university charter school through the lens of those already working for one. On-site, in-depth interviews with university charter school teachers provided an insiders view into the Texas university charter school working experience. Four primary themes, which best categorized the teachers lived and told experiences working for a subchapter E university charter school in Texas, emerged from the research including campus culture, educational program, connection to sponsoring university, and employment benefits.


Ray Thompson

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision | Educational Leadership