The Relationship of Body Condition Score with Subcutaneous and Internal Fat Measurements by Real-Time Ultrasound in Crossbred Beef Cows

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Master of Science (MS)


Ag Science and Natural Resources

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Fall 2011


Data were collected on crossbred beef cows (n = 76) to identify relationships between body condition score (BCS) and real-time ultrasound (RTU) fat measurements. Ultrasound traits measured included rump fat (uRUMP), backfat (uBF), and kidney fat depth(uKFd). Total predicted internal fat (IFAT) and combined subcutaneous fat (ComboFat, average of uRUMP and uBF) were also calculated. Body condition score was moderately to highly correlated (P < 0.05) with uKFd, uRUMP, uBF, and IFAT (0.59, 0.61, 0.67, and 0.74, respectively). Body weight was moderately correlated (P < 0.05) with uKFd, uRUMP, uBF, and IFAT (0.52, 0.45, 0.46, and 0.55, respectively). Body condition score was a good estimator of uBF (R2 = 0.45), uRUMP (R2 = 0.36), ComboFat (R2 = 0.42), uKFd (R2 = 0.36), and IFAT (R2 = 0.55). Including HH and BW in prediction equations only improved R2 slightly. Results indicate there is a good relationship between BCS and RTU fat measurements in beef cows.


Flavio Ribeiro

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Agriculture | Life Sciences