The Influence of Interscholastic Soccer Participation on Hispanic Male Student Success as Perceived by Rural High School Principals in South Central Texas

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Educational Administration

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Fall 2018


The educational plight of Hispanic students coupled with the financial shortages facing many districts throughout the state of Texas have forced schools to become more innovative and creative to engage unmotivated learners. This qualitative study was designed to examine the influence of interscholastic soccer participation on Hispanic male student success as perceived by rural high school principals in South Central Texas. The perceptions and insights of study participants advocate a strong link between interscholastic soccer participation and Hispanic male student success. The collection of data of each individual participant's lived experiences and perceptions regarding the implementation of soccer revealed common themes. Participant responses revealed numerous perceived benefits resulting from the implementation of interscholastic soccer for Hispanic male students and the school overall. Those benefits included: (a) increased Hispanic male participation and engagement, (b) reduced discipline referrals for Hispanic male soccer participants, (c) a decrease in the dropout rate for Hispanic male soccer participants, (d) increased opportunities within and outside of the community for Hispanic male soccer participants, and (e) increased Hispanic parental involvement.


Melissa Arrambide

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Education | Educational Administration and Supervision