Teacher Attitudes regarding the Reintegration of Students with Emotional/Behavioral Disorders: A Pilot Study

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)


Psychology and Special Education

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Fall 2018


Reintegration of self-contained students with emotional/behavioral disorders (EBDs) into mainstream classroom environments has continued to be an important and controversial topic. Research can be difficult to conduct on this subject due to the inconsistencies between programs and procedures; however, teacher attitudes have been indicated as measurable indicators for student success and have become one area for research. The researcher examined teacher attitudes in a small, central Texas town. All teachers, Kindergarten through 12th grade, received an invitation to complete a survey on their attitudes regarding their perceived levels of preparedness, support, competency, and their view of reintegration of students with EBD into their classrooms. Analyses were conducted to identify which areas were indicated as deficits and how teachers felt about reintegration in general. Survey results were analyzed to determine between- and within-group significance as well as assessed for differences between attitudes based on demographics. The results of this pilot study indicated less agreement with statements of feeling prepared to reintegrate students compared to statements of feeling supported or competent. Between groups based on demographic information, teachers who completed an alternative certification program rated statements more favorably than teachers who completed a traditional certification program. Teachers who taught both general education and special education students agreed more with feeling prepared and competent compared to teachers who taught only general education students. Results are beneficial to school administrators and training program developers to increase teachers' skills for reintegration.


DeMarquis Hayes

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Education | Educational Psychology