The Lived Experiences of Clinical Mental Health Counseling Internship Students Providing Home-Based Therapy

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Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D)



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Spring 2019


I explored clinical mental health counseling internship students' experiences in providing home-based therapy. This transcendental phenomenologically designed study involved exploring the lived experiences of clinical mental health counseling internship students (N=8) who provided home-based therapy as their primary method of gaining required clinical experience for the completion of their master's degree. l also explored the overall personal and professional development of the students providing therapy in this setting. I revealed insights of the internship students regarding their experiences and challenges in providing home-based therapy. In this study, I have offered recommendations based on the experiences of the students providing home-based therapy. Implications to students, counselor educators, community agencies, and community stakeholders have also been provided.


Lavelle Hendricks

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Medicine and Health Sciences | Mental and Social Health