Finding Expert Consensus on the Components of Cooperating Teacher Training: A Quantitative Delphi Study

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Doctor of Education (Ed.D)


Curriculum and Instruction

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Summer 2021


A doctoral research study using the Delphi method of gathering expert opinions and agreement covering the material and organization of training sessions of cooperating teachers. Researchers sent surveys in 3 separate rounds requesting input and/or agreement on topics experts suggest to include in training modules for cooperating teachers. In round 1, expert participants answered leading questions regarding the organization of the existing cooperating teacher training at the represented educator preparation programs and the preferred organization of cooperating teacher training. Experts also provided 23 unique topics to consider for inclusion in training. When asked to rate agreement of inclusion of the topics in round two, the lowest level of agreement was neutral—researcher received no negative responses during the second round of the study. The researcher organized the topics gleaned in the first round into three categories and generated labels for each category. The third round of the study surveyed the experts for agreement on the organization, both placement of the topics and the researcher created category labels. The participants agreed with the labels created but made suggestions for relocation of five topics to different categories. The researcher found a similarity of suggestions with established theories and provided an outline of training based on the results of this Delphi study, prior research on learning, and existing theories developed to explain the process teachers travel through while learning new material. This dissertation includes suggestions for further research.


Gilbert Naizer

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Curriculum and Instruction | Education